How do i add a custom field in registration or profile ?

What's a custom field?

we support six types of custom-fields you could add .

These questions can be filled up in registration or after registration in profile page. You can choose whether you want to set them required a or optional.


1- Textbox : You can ask the customer a question and expect one line answer.

2- Large text: You can ask the customer a question and expect multiple line answer.

3- Checkbox: You can ask the customer a yes or no question and he can answer by a check-box, 

4- Select: Customer can select one answer from pre-added options.

5- Multi Select : Customer can select multiple answers from pre-added options.

5- Date: Customer can pick a date to answer your question

Adding a custom field.

To add a new field , head to "Users" in settings, then to "Custom fields".  

Click on add and choose the type of custom field you wish to add.

The custom field will be demonstrated to you before adding

Deleting a custom field

You can delete a custom field you have previously created, please note that on deleting you will delete all user values associated with the custom field.