Managing ticket tools

When you're managing a ticket, you'll see a similar screen:

An explanation for all the tools above:

1- Take the ticket and assign it to yourself

2- Assign: Assign someone else to handle this ticket. Only visible to admin.

3- Release , surrender the ticket so someone else can handle.

4- Escalate: Send the ticket to a different department from the same level or above. If automatic assigning is enabled it will be assigned to someone else from that department.

5- Change the priority of the ticket

6- Lock the ticket. Keep the ticket as Open or closed but disallow customer from sending replies to this ticket.

7- Autoclose. Enable or disable automatic closing of the ticket after x days pass without a reply ( specified by admin in General settings )

8- Open/close the ticket.

9- Trash this ticket.

10- Ticket replies and notes, above you can see reply date and through which channel was it sent ( Possiblities :  via web/mail/api )

11- Information about the ticket

12- Information about the user who created the ticket