How do i install FireHelp?

1. First , download the zipped file and extract it

2. Upload the contents of folder "FireHelp" to your web host

3. Extract FireHelp, and point the DocumentRoot to "public" folder

Change permissions of the following paths to " 755 " 

* software_path/app/storage

* software_path/app/lang

* software_path/app/config

Once done, head to your website and add /install in the end 


You should see the below page:

If one of the statuses in the table is not "Approved" , you will need to install the required module or fix the issue before

After clicking "Start" , you'll be presented with the following screen to enter your database information

Please create the database before proceeding

After that , you will be asked to configure the software for your settings. You can change any of the below values later:

Then, you will be asked to enter Administrator information , this will be the admin user

Final step, you will be asked to setup the crons, the crons are as follow:

Change /var/www/firehelp with your installation path ( path to root folder ) , and change php to your full php path 

        * * * * * cd /var/www/firehelp; php artisan fc:livecron

        * * * * * cd /var/www/firehelp; php artisan fc:taskrunner

        * * * * * cd /var/www/firehelp; php artisan fc:ticketcron

And That's it ! You should be good to go, and installation will be locked automatically.

Your administrator path will be in /admin