Beginners guide to FireHelp

In the system, there are three main user types:

Type Description


Default user type, not able to view any administrator. Can use the main website open tickets and live chat.


Able to answer tickets, followup on user issues and respond to live chat using the Administrator panel.


Has the full permissions, can setup applications, edit settings, assign staff and users using the Administrator panel. He can also respond to tickets or live chat if staff are not present.


Tickets by default includes the following information:

Status:  If the ticket is opened or closed.

Department: Department's ticket.

Priority: Ticket's priority.

Staff is able to add note on the ticket, schedule a followup, check the ticket actions history and escalate a ticket to a different or upper department.

There can be departments which user cannot submit directly to , but staff can escalate issues to that department.

Ticket can be automatically closed after a period of time in case of no response.

Depending on Admin's settings, tickets can be automatically assigned in two different methods:

1- Least busy staff : Least busy staff in the department will be assigned.

2- Online prioritized: Among the online staff, least busy staff in the department will be assigned the ticket.

Online prioritize will help your customers get a faster response from your staff

Live Chat:

Live chat can be enabled or disabled, a customer can request a live-chat from the "Live chat" button on the homepage. 

The flow will go this way: 

1- Customer will request, he will be prompted to ask his question and help department

2- Live Chat agent will be automatically assigned, if that live chat agent did not respond in a specific amount of seconds (  assigned by the admin ) , the ring will be switched to another staff

3- If the another staff was also busy, a message saying no staff available are available right now will be displayed to the customer.

4- A missed conversation will be recorded, and the staff can later view missed messages.  

5- If the agent responded, a chat between the two will start. 

6-  The staff can allow the customer to send him files, also staff will be able to view extra information about the customer as-well , like: 

Local time of the customer


Operating System

IP Address

Location ( determined by GeoIP )